I Had Back Surgery

Since the week of Thanksgiving I have been on constant pain.

I had pain blocks.

I went to my chiropractor.

I went to physical therapy.

I had done all the things, and nothing helped.

back surgery

So I decided to get a second opinion, and that doctor said I needed surgery for a herniated disk.

The doctor made the surgery itself seem very simple.

But he does preform these surgeries all the time so for him it is very simple.

After surgery my orders were no bending, no twisting, no pushing or pulling on stuff, and no lifting over ten pounds.

Meaning I can’t do much of anything, and I can’t lift three of my shih tzus.

But all and all it hasn’t been that bad.

I am still healing.

These are my orders for three weeks, and I am currently in week two.

The Future

It has given me the opportunity to really see what I want this blog and YouTube channel to be about.

I plan on having YouTube videos to go along with my blog post, but not quite yet.

I know I want my focus to be on mental health, makeup, and gaming.

So if those areas sound like something you would be interested in make sure you follow my blog and YouTube channel.

I know great things are to come as I heal.

Published by Sheena

I am married to my best friend together we have four children and a farm of fur children. I enjoy spending my days homeschooling my children, caring for my pups and creating beautiful pieces for my home, family and more!!

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